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Full text of "Navy & Marine Corps Medical News Special Edition, June 16, 2003"

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Hospital Corps Celebrates 105th Anniversary 

By Aveline V. Allen 

Bureau of Medicine & Surgery 

June 16, 2003 

"I'm proud of what the team represents .. .honor , courage, and 
commitment, " said FORCM Jacqueline L. DiRosa, Head of the Navy's Hospital 
Corps (HC) , as 23,843 active duty and 4,500 reservists celebrate 105 years 
of dedicated and committed service on June 17. "The Hospital Corps is 
comprised of compassionate, professional men and women whose history is 
marked with service, honor, unwaivering courage and a never-ending 
commitment to the health and welfare of our Sailors, Marines and their 
families . " 

The Navy's Hospital Corps continues to play an important role in Navy 
Medicine ' s mission of Force Health Protection (FHP) . 

"The Hospital Corps plays a vital role in ensuring our mission of FHP 
is met from battlefield care to research and development, " said DiRosa. "In 
fact. Navy Medicine could not meet its mission without the direct 
involvement of the nearly 24, 000 hospital corpsmen in the 34 health care 
specialties . " 

In addition to FHP, the HC is currently involved in efforts to improve 
their performance on land and abroad. They have increased several of their 
training programs to enhance their skill and performance level . 

"There has been an increase in chemical, biological, radiation, and 
nuclear training and an increase in trauma training and platform specific 
training for MAP personnel, " said DiRosa. 

However, she stresses that much of the areas of improvement lie within 
the commands . 

"We are always looking for areas of improvement , but the biggest impact 
to our readiness and ability to carry out the mission rests with each 
command, " said DiRosa. "Commands have the responsibility to ensure their 
personnel are well trained to meet the operational and homeland missions . " 

As they continue to improve their mission readiness, there are several 
major accomplishments that the HC can be proud of this past year. 

"Our rapid deployment and support of operations Noble Eagle, Enduring 
Freedom and Iraqi Freedom have been one of our major accomplishments , " said 
DiRosa. "We deployed over 2,800 HMs from Claimancy 18 to support units 
afloat and in the field, and recalled 1,400 HM reservists to backfill our 
medical treatment facility (MTF) personnel ensuring there was minimal 
degradation of service to our beneficiaries . " 

As the HC looks ahead to future endeavors, they will build upon past 
accomplishments and lessons learned. 

"These past operations have reinforced the importance of the HC in 
carrying out the Navy Medicine mission of FHP, " said DiRosa. 

Aveline V. Allen 
Wri t er-Edi tor 

Public Affairs Office 
Bureau of Medicine & Surgery 
avallengus . med . navy . mil 
202-762-1 705- fax